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in professional sports often comes down to the smallest margins. british athletes are using military technology to stay ahead of the game. the british sports pursuit of marginal gains may have reached new heights. the olympic tae kwon do medalist is in a flight simulator. this facility is normally reserved for pilots of fighter jets, but the technology may prove useful in sports. >> making split-second decisions is what the sport is about. if we can use this technology to help us with our sports, i can see i have made amazing games -- gains. >> this form of technology could give him a winning edge. with a partnership -- they are developing a new training edge for fight and flight situation. costs tens ofse millions of pounds, and they are one of the best fighter jets in the world. but how is the state of technology like this helping the elite sporting performers? >> wind tunnels have been used by paralympic and scum a as this racing wheel promises to increase acceleration for wheelchair athletes. >> in some areas we are leading the world and you can see that with our international competitors,
are using military technology to stay ahead of the game. the british sports pursuit of marginal gains may have reached new heights. the olympic tae kwon do medalist is in a flight simulator. this facility is normally reserved for pilots of fighter jets, but the technology may prove useful in sports. >> making split-second decisions is what the sport is about. if we can use this technology to help us with our sports, i can see i have made amazing games -- gains. >> this form of technology could give him a winning edge. with a partnership -- they are developing a new training edge for fight and flight situation. costs tens ofse millions of pounds, and they are one of the best fighter jets in the world. but how is the state of technology like this helping the elite sporting performers? >> wind tunnels have been used by paralympic and scum a as this racing wheel promises to increase acceleration for wheelchair athletes. >> in some areas we are leading the world and you can see that with our international competitors, about what they say. we have a step -- we have to be a step ahead going into
frequency trading and all of the advanced technology. the nasdaq and all of the other exchanges three weeks ago pushed back on that. they said they like the idea of the rules. but they complain that many of the rules are too vague and they complained about the cost. particularly the reporting that's involved. all of the notification they have to give to sec. sros the letters said, that many of the economic and cost assumption by commission will generate greatly by analysis. they run the risk of reallocating resources and the sci and comply ins entities, including the nasdaq and again the nasdaq, nyse, bats and all of these other exchanges, saying, wit a mint, let's pull back a little bit. meantime, we've had this debacle happen today and these rules with public comments now closed. it is still in the rule making process. perhaps could be next year before there's any other update. >> all right, scott. we want to -- we want to slip in another earnings report. aeropostle out. >> reporting an eps loss of 34 cents. analysts expected a loss of 24 cents. on revenue of $450 million. they did tell u
of soccer. >> reporter: arsenal manager enjoyed his look at goal line technology, but getting it right is a serious business. a goal needs to actually be a goal. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the english premier league had pushed hard for the introduction of goal technology since 2006. and they are the first league in the world to use it. the goal decision system is being made by hawk eye. in football a complicated process has been made very simple. >> very simple, quick, and accurate. many you are in the stadium, you will be able to see it, and so be broadcasters will see if it was or it wasn't. >> reporter: there is seven cameras at each end of the ground, 340 frames her second. so when there is a contentious decision, this vibrates. so it's an instant accurate decision. there has been some recent controversy over the technology in cricket. they held out against the technology until the 2010 world cup. but have now licensed four systems. german company gold cup will be used in next year's gold cup. it won't be used in the champion's league, but there is optimism that more nati
people were working hard to make sure everything went back. but again, technology's complicated. these issues will happen, unfortunately, but what we have here is a resolution in terms of controls. and i think that's something probably that nasdaq and the regulators have to work on to avoid things like this happening not only in exchanges like nasdaq, but also in trading firms like in the case of knight capital. ashley: but, look, to err is human, to really screw up it takes a computer, and when you have all of this information all coming in very complex systems, part of the problem was the nasdaq couldn't push the old reboot, reset button because it was so interconnected with all the other exchanges. is this something we have to live with? >> no, we have to definitely review the technology. nasdaq has been in the electronic trading for 40 years, so obviously, i'm really surprised that the data feed was something that could be going wrong today. maybe it was a software glitch, maybe the data was corrupted, we don't know yet what happened really, and i think there's going to be t
house, they are already doing things with technology innovation. he is coming here to us -- to spotlight the kinds of things he is talking about how colleges can lower the cost and still maintain a good education. he will start here and then go to a high school in syracuse. as you mentioned, this is all part of a larger strategy based on what he calls the middle class programs. over the past several weeks he has given several speeches on different aspects of the programs. he talked about housing and of other city. he says education is the key to middle-class. are college graduate, a better class of entering the economy and making more of an income. even on top of that, he was on vacation last week, now getting back to the real grind. we're heading into september where we will look at budgets. the fiscal year ends september 30 and the temporary spending bill ends on september 30. if the president and congress cannot agree on a new spending plan, the government will shut down. i think you are also hearing him make his pitch for how we should handle the budget going forward. for the proposa
. a big logo slide. >> and we're supposed to be about the technology. >> imagine a big stop bullying speak up logo on the slide behind me. >> say that again. >> stop bullying, speak up is the name of the campaign and a nice transition. my complements to everyone in the room. if i have learned everything in the last four years while researching bullying prevention and for our age group and the kids in the second through seventh grade it's that not only does it take a village but a village of people who are willing to partner and collaborate with each other and speak not only to adults about this issue but speak to children and i think it's an interesting transition from mia's work to mine. still not mine. >> it is but -- >> and the role we play at cartoon network and thousands of kids at home everyday and the role we play is taking that information, translating it and content on the line and when kids come independently to our screens to play games and watch television and do a variety of things we have information for them on information they care deeply part. in 2008 as research we do
, with water that are not always proven technologies, but they're things that are enough proven you should take a bit of a risk and you should show others it can be done. >> we're showing the world, suddenly had wind turbines which they didn't have before. so, our team realizing that time would change, and realizing where the opportunities were today, we said, you know what, we started out as really something to control wind as an asset, when you combine today's technology becomes something entirely different. >> wind turbines in an urban environment is a relatively new concept. there are a few buildings in other major cities where they have installed wind turbines on the roof. and wind turbines in buildings are effective. >> the discussion was do we do that or not? and the answer was, of course. if they're not perfect yet, they're building a building that will last 100 years. in 100 years someone is going to perfect wind efficient turbines. if these aren't right, we'll replace them. we have time to do that. >> the building that's two renewable energy generations. wind turbines located on the n
to the baltimore county information superhighway. the technology upgrade will fit students there. they will help keep schools safe. tim tooten explains. >> the county executive was a long -- among the showing of the technology. or the six schools with a new fiber-optic line. >> we are here of a certain generation. we knew what it was like not to have technology in the way we now know what. the fact that we have today is just amazing. likes -- >> they will find in many cases that faster is better. >> if kids have access to information, they need us to facilitate critical thinking around the information. >> we are talking about access. you often hear about thinking out of the box. we have blown the box wide-open. >> the county has installed hundred 60 miles of fiber-optic lines. it will help please keep a watch what is happening inside of all of the county only three school buildings. like second exit roll up to a site, hook onto the network, extreme the camera videos in the parking lot. they are able to see with the situation as before they enter. >> parents welcome the upgrade. >> any opportunit
community, southeast asian community, all of them, they want to hear how they can innovate technology with everyone else and how they can improve lives ~. technology is there for our use and one of the reasons we support it is it's got to improve our lives for everybody. you cannot improve one's life if you're not communicating with people that speak spanish only. or in the shadows. this is why we're making this announcement. we're also making a timely announcement and adrian is very strategic on this because we are having a national conversation about immigration. we have to pass comprehensive immigration reform in this country. senate has done part of it. (applause) >> we have to get -- we have to get this agenda today rest of congress, to the house of cogv. it's a big, big challenge. the president, our senators, our leader pelosi, senator feinstein, they're all engaged. we have to push very hard. and i think our voices are going to be that much stronger if we add an additional 100,000 people on our way to citizenship because that's the full circle. and that's why we need immigratio
50% in the last decade. >> my newspaper is going to take a cue from cutting edge technology such as radio and reality television by using product placement. now let's see how scoop bezos reports the international news. russian president putin today affirmed his support for the syrian government. nice word bezos. you just missed a huge revenue stream. russian president putin today affirmed his support for syria's government while enjoying a ice cold moxie soda. which it turns out is not disgusting. that taste. >> john: no serious news outlet would ever engage in that kind of shameless beverage. >> have you never seen the opening sequence of morning joe brewed by starbucks. >> john: i do think my point about serious news outlets stands. this is all window dressing, hodgeman. are you going to offer the readers anything substantively new in terms of actual content? >> of course. exclusive premium content. for those selective readers willing to pay an extra fee i will also send an actual human being the a place where news is happening. and that person will look around and ask que
by envision education, incorporated of its metropolitan arts and technology charter school, effective august 1st, 2013. roll call, please, ms. [speaker not understood]. yes, difficult need a motion. thank you. >> second. >> thank you. i heard motion and i just went right on. thank you for the second, vice president fewer. roll call please ms. castro. >> thank you. mr. logan? >> yes. >> ms. fewer? >> yes. >> mr. haney? >> yes. >> ms. maufas? >> yes. >> ms. mendoza? >> yes. >> dr. murase? >> aye. >> ms. wynns? >> aye. >> thank you. [speaker not understood]? >> yes. >> 7 ayes. >> now i'd hear a motion for 138-13 sp2 which is the resolution to accept the voluntary closure by envision of metropolitan arts and technology charter school effective august 1st, 2013. motion and a second. >> moved. >> second. >> thank you. may you please read the recommendation, mr. davis? >> yes, i will, thank you, president norton. superintendent's proposal 138-13 sp2 accept the voluntary closure by envision education, incorporated, of its metropolitan arts & technology charter school effective august 1st 2013 whereas
transformations and even weight loss. introducing the technologically advanced fusion juicer, the rapid nutrition miracle. the fast way to feed your body the vital nutrients it needs. the fusion juicer's low-induction motor quickly breaks food down into a super nutrient-rich juice that can be absorbed easier. providing your body with high-nutrient juice is a great way to start rebuilding the cells in your body. >> the body is a miraculous self-healing machine, and when you institute excellent nutrition, the body's natural tendency to heal takes over. >> announcer: the changes a juicing lifestyle-- including proper nutrition and exercise-- can have on your life are nothing short of miraculous. they can take forever while you chop up all the fruit and vegetables, and they're hard to clean. so-called fast, powerful juicers are loud. their high-r.p.m. engines create heat, and heat can destroy nutrients. and both these juicers cost almost twice as much as the whisper-quiet fusion juicer. the fusion juicer produces up to 30% more juice, and with our non-drip spout, there's no leftover juicing mess on y
million communications. corrective action breaks down. new technology including filters to exclude data belonging to u.s. citizens, data that can be filtered subject to new restrictions, and nsa can only hold data for two years, no longer five. seer yor intelligence officials answer criticism that nsa oversight and by its own internal checks is inadequate. bret? >> thank you. >>> something else new tonight, a jaw dropping number of how much of your communications can be intercepted. here is correspondent doug mcelway. >> reporter: the administration was forced yet again to defend nsa surveillance after today's "the wall street journal" report that found the agency monitors 75% of all internet traffic in the u.s. >> the report in "the wall street journal" was clear about the fact what we're talking about is a narrowly focused program aimed specifically at foreign intelligence. >> reporter: but the journal found in some cases nsa quote, retains written content of e-mails sent between citizens within the u.s., a finding that fuels fear that they're not being forthright. >> the constitution
, number one, all affordable things. >> we looked at technology, affordable and some fun stuff for summer. we're starting with a green wall here. it's magnetic, so these come right off, easy to plant on the side and hang them up in your home. >> don't let it fall. >> great as a feature wall great to plant herbs in. >> great for herbs. >> beautiful succulents right here. >> i love when you talk like that. say that again. >> mint, rosemary. anything you use in the kitchen. >> and it's inexpensive? >> yes, it is. >> something like this, you're talking $75. very affordable. >> but then you have to buy the plants. >> exactly. come on, look at these beautiful photos. >> i know these two ladies. >> look at blakey. >> this is a company called canvas pop. i've been using them personally for years. they used to only do huge photos. now these -- and i know these are all instagram photos. the problem with instagram, they are low resolution. canvas pop has a technology called picture perfect. it gets rid of the pixels, but as a user, you don't need to know about the tech or understand it. you upload t
other than the 8 talked about synergies but we get this with people with the technology and fletcher is contemplating a fairly significant cuts once the merger gets close. i believe it is closed at the beginning of the third quarter, sometime in the fall we should point out. it is interesting, quick to somebody the stock exchange has, quote, 20 lawyers doing the same thing. when you have that type of overlap, he thinks there is a lot of fat to be trimmed from the stock exchange. the new york stock exchange will tell you they need a lot of overhead. this is a different animal than the police which is the computerized trading mechanism which focuses on options and the stock exchange and other things get a listing, gets companies to list on the stock exchange marketing and advertising that goes along with that which means more head count. it will meet in new middle. from what i understand there's not a lot of middle ground here. they have been running the show from what i understand and basically the new york stock exchange for better or worse is being managed, they do not have much say
said it, it's all this technology coming together. it's high-speed trades, rapid fire in, and the system -- >> just to step in, i know you're going there to blame high frequency trading as the problem here, but that wasn't the situation. >> no, no, i'm saying let's put it all together and look at market structure. we have a problem with market structure in this country. we don't need 90 venues to trade spots because they don't trade like retail. >> i agree with that point. the point is we ever the system that the securities exchange commission wanted to have. they have to dismantle the nyse and the nasdaq monopoly, they wanted to open up competition, they wanted new exchanges to come in, they wanted to trade in pennies. this technology did come about and offer high frequency trading, but we have the system that they wanted now, and i agree with your point. it is needlessly complicated. >> sorry, i think the system is working very well. there is a problem somewhere. while they work on that problem, they shut the trades down so nobody has a disadvantage across all platforms
dugan, technologist at the open technology institute in d.c. and i started by asking bryan about the government's claim that it is not fully aware of the extent of edward snowden's leaks. >> it is incredibly disturbing that they do not know what was taken, no audit trail was created. that is the type of abrogation of trust that the united states government needs to restore and that is why the president of the united states needs to instate an independent, external council of experts to review the nsa spying. on all these systems that edward snowden was using, they, by default, should be creating audit trails of every single action of every single administrator on the machine. edward snowden was not the top- level administrator of this machine. he happened to have access across domains at a top-secret security level. there is no excuse for any administrator to not keep logs of that type of information, and it is entirely disturbing and untrustworthy of the nsa to not keep track of that type of intermission -- information. >> or they are being less than truthful as we have seen or
university center for science, technology and society lofr 11 years taught him ayzm7 major hurdle is 1.5 billion zront a place to charge a fob or april top. >> they need to be able to charge for internet access. and second, literacy is a huge problem. those people are not going to be able to use the internet. >> but when issues like that can be solved there are benefits. heather working to prevent another disaster like this, more than 1100 workers died when a garment factory collapsed. she's enabling workers to report anonymously. >> the majority around the world don't have smart phones yet so we're elevenaging power of facic feature phones to establish that communication. >> in santa clara, david louie abc 7 news. >> health items tonight a study found a way too help lower high blood pressure in patients. research in northern california found giving patients easier to take medicine and no co-payments helped bring patients blood pressure under control. for 08% of those who participated in the study. >> makes sense. >> if you drive a car in california you're hay paiing plenty. >> a surve
to us. >> i extend our congratulations. >> next for finance and technology we'll ask our folks to come forward. >> good afternoon. >> thank you so much. i want to introduce josh from our store room. many of you may not know this but every bus that goes out must have their parts and it's like josh and his team all lined up in the back. angela joshs boss wants to speak but thank you josh. we'll continue to bring in technology and improve the whole process going forward. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon, commissioners. josh has been a 192 the store keeper since may 2007. josh is responsible for receiving parts delivers and mar that the parts are given out. he's a serious worker. also ready to help out. in the group of 192 the store keepers josh stands out because of his willingness to help. in addition to making suggestions for improvement. he's been selected for this award because of his dedication to the agency and his departmental issues such as working tools and forklifts and encouraging he teamwork for the entire store room. while it may not seem like much to so he's a leader
that, but i cannot see that they would have the logistical or technological experience, knowledge, and capability to make such a big, coordinated attack. they seem to lack those capabilities. >> thanks so very much. >> meanwhile, european union foreign policy chief has asked for an immediate and thorough investigation of the alleged use of chemical weapons in syria. ashton said their deployment by either side was totally unacceptable. >> she was speaking as eu foreign ministers had gathered for an emergency meeting on the power struggle in egypt. here's more in brussels. >> the eu originally called the extraordinary meeting to discuss the situation in egypt, but the news from serious jumped to the top of the agenda. ministers described the allegations as grave and alarming. >> france condemns in the strongest terms the massacre in damascus and demands an immediate investigation. >> there is no excuse for the syrian regime not to provide access to the area and for the united nations team in damascus now to assess the use of chemical weapons, so we are pursuing this with our partner
the technology they can over this some kind of personal training. it's a good idea to get the information out but not to make it, too or arbitrary but someone can make it difficult and expensive for drivers >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> i'm here speaking in support of this item very stronl when we're trying to distinct the services one of the things is professional drivers. and despite the prop gaped there are thirty million fairs give in a year and the level of service overall is excellent. so despite what you hear the fact of the drivers their ambassadors and the drivers do the bulk of the driving and the fact is many taxi drivers are heroes they pick up the disabled and people in cheers because we have not taken care of those services but the fact is taxi drivers are professional. the more we can distinguish f that the better. we have no standards of training. we have private companies that train drivers and we need a much higher level of services. we need more accident control and make sure that drivers are communicated with so the equipment in the vehicle i
got a very simple technology and the company never have the technology. we need to have a consumer contact on the phone on a one-on-one >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> thank you very much. will leveling years ago 3 billion asking price for google. oh, they don't have oversight. they lost the fat cash and this is happening about three years ago. i remember that the u about her taxi industry. so they give up and started with a limousine. so the cab driver don't fight are we're a soldier but i have no weapon. lower the price because i make $5,600 per month without the car. the driver had to maintain their own car how can they make living now they shift their contract to the hoover count. before you kind of pro rich policy. what is pro rich like egypt's they have no food. i good along with the cab driver too much. we have to service to the public. i go out to the street but i need a medallion i want to do this in the right way but you don't give the right chance. you know, how many drivers sign up in the hoover office. they give up hundreds of dollars every
visiting a new technology laboratory in palo alto and the commuter history museum in mountain view. he will discuss the state of the u.s. economy and the administration's focus on growth and job creation and a commonwealth club luncheon. >> a professional triathlete faces felony hit-and-run charges for hitting a man in a crosswalk in san francisco. a man was driving a jeep that struck a man in march. documents obligated by abc7 news say that the driver briefly stopped and checked on the victim then drove off. the man who was hit says he suffered a severe brain injury. >> it has been very difficult for me not only me but my family since the accident because i'm...not the same person. >> he pleaded not guilty to the champions. we left messages for the woman and her attorney and they were not answered. >> police have made a significant drug bust with the help of a k-9 officers after finding two pounds of meth yesterday in a hidden compartment in a scar. this is a picture of the dog with the drugs. the dog discovered money and a loaded handgun. >> sexual harassment story involving san dieg
or face a lawsuit. hacker scouts which focuses on science and technology for kids, says it is hoping to reach a compromise. we post add copy of the letter on our website at >> coming up, taking top honors, the bay area universities with new bragging rights this morning. >> being a good neighbor, facebook's gift for lucky >> good morning, everyone, on this thursday morning. a look at the golden gate bridge with traffic sparse right now. that little glaze you see, mike will explain to you coming up, but the good news is the red flag fire danger has expired. >> lucky students on the peninsula will go back to school with brand new laptops because of facebook visiting an academy to donate laptops to the entire 8th grade class and will give out other lap taps saying the goal is to provide students with the equipment they will need to lend more about technology and prepare them for high school and beyond. >> today, new students attending san francisco state will begin moving into residence hauls kicking off the welcome days for freshman, transfer, and international students wi
one for school or work. >> education leaders say state standards require students to have technology skills. in the east palo alto, though, getting online can be tough and many in silicon valley have ipads, home computers and smartphones to go with the laptops, in east palo alto, students are lucky if their family has a cell phone. >> we are in the heart of the silicon valley, it is one of those cases of so near yet so far. most of our students face harsh economic realities. >> facebook leaders want to provide students with the equipment they need to learn more about technology and prepare them for high school, college, and beyond. that is what a laptop means for pedro, an opportunity for a future in mechanical engineering. >> i heard about the companies that i would like to work for. >> facebook is giving away more than 300 laptops to all the other 8th grade students here in east palo alto. >> next, bradley manning's new high school, what the convicted military leaker is planning beside spending a few decades in prison. >> the man who came back to life after doctors gave up >> in so
, at the helm. and it is critical for such an over burdened department undergoing this great technological change. why has it taken so long? when can a permanent director be in place? there is a big backlog of unresolved building violations. and you, saw the press about 308 turk regarding these. and the district attorney office has even formed a special multidepartment committee. something in the process is broken and stuck and there is something that needs to be fixed and abatement appeals board this morning heard two sets of notice of violations dating to 2009. and so, we also noted all of the tao*uls tools available have not been used, enforcement has not been consistent and fees and costs consistently collected. this sends a dangerous message, and could smack of favoritism or that those who could afford the attorneys can get better treatment than those who can't. >> the excellent technology will only provide its benefits which are many, if the people are fully trained and the system is fully embraced by management. all management. and what where we sympathize, the department has been s
was jaime [speaker not understood] who was a google -- a google technology speaker. but it's a misnomer. he really talks about technology, not necessarily from google's perspective, but how technology is changing the word. ~ world. he is fascinating to talk about what our kids know and know what to do as opposed to all of us. so, he was engaging. he was very, very entertaining. and we hope to provide a video of what he talked about to all of us here. >> and i know commissioner mendoza wants to give a report. i just also want to adi heard from the leadership of our union today that they were very happy with the presentation today. they thought it was really interesting and really well put together. so, i wanted to just pass that along because i think that's important to know. so, well done. congratulations. commissioner mendoza. >> thank you. so, there were a couple of shout outs i wanted to give, too, on a lot of the training that's been happening over the course of the week. you guys have been extremely busy. the project management training that was put on earlier this week was fantastic.
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out there using technology. so they today halt traysing. now they are testing one stock to see if it is working. if it works they will try to get the whole system up by 3:25 eastern as we heard. trading here as been relatively normal, if you want to call it that. >> we didn't see a pick-up in volume here. it is possible to trade nasdaq listed stock at new york stock exchange. that in theory would be a back up. however there was a halt in the nasdaq listed stocks, trading just behind me. shortly after nasdaq stopped trading because nasdaq requested nyse to halt trading. there is a back up here to trade elsewhere but in reality that back up isn't working very well. by the way, there is speculation about what happened. there are two possibilities. one is potentially a hack in their system. we don't know this for sure but that's a possibility. other is i think the most likely, just a software failure. remember, these are legacy systems. nyse and nasdaq has software built upon software that goes back many years. it has to interact with old software and software with other systems. a
. this is nasdaq's second problem. it had the fiasco with the facebook offering as well. technology will always have glitches. but exchanges have to be prepared for them otherwise our capital markets are going to crumble and that's simply not acceptable. >> i want to get this right. reg sci, securities compliance and integrity. that apparently is, i don't know whether that's a promulgated rule from the sec or something being discussed but i'm told, i heard the exchanges themselves are dragging their feet. this amounts to a lot of technological change which we reported on our own bob pisani. what's up with this? is it true? have they dragged their feet and why? >> they are opposed to this because they are concerned about excessive costs. but if you are the nation's marketplace, you have an obligation to have a market with integrity. if something like this could possibly happen, you need continuous testing, not a quarterly or semiannual or yearly testing. you have to be testing all the time. you have to be upgrading your software and you need a crisis management plan for exactly what happened tod
problem when you rely on technology. there could be a flaw in one of the systems that allow bringing down the system. dennis: i think they be reduced the chances of this having anything to do with an outside attack. >> a rather sophisticated system that they are talking about. it seemed hackers can go with a lot less sophisticated approach. >> i think that is right. especially when we are talking about china. they do not appear to be interested in, you know subverting the infrastructure. now, some nation states are known to have that kind of interest. they have been blocked in their attacks simply by and in capability to do so. there is a subculture of crime that is out there. you can hire rogues. they will conduct these attacks were relatively small amounts of dollars. spend a couple hundred thousand dollars and you could get into the most sophisticated systems in the world and cause a problem. dennis: thank you very much. cheryl: we have nicole petallides it, of course, sandra smith standing by. we are awaiting some type of statement from the nasdaq. the nasdaq is intending to reopen. i
in the history of autism's past they have generally seen more autism in technology centers. >> reporter: there may be genetic factors at work but there are also teachers at work to help. the study in the journal of the american medical association also says there is an increased risk for half siblings but only when they share a mother. >>> a small study of athletes who suffered repeat concussions identifies the early signs of brain disease. researchers studied 36 male athletes diagnosed with a brain disease linked to repetitive blows to the head. they interviewed family members and found out they had mood and behave issues as the first signs of the disease. some of them had explosive outbursts and physical violation. >>> pg&e incomplete recordkeeping may not have been fixed. that's a concern of two law judges who might fine the utility next month. the san francisco chronicle says they expressed concern when pg&e using faulty recordkeeping. >>> in a maryland courtroom today supporters gasped when the judge announced bradley manning's 35-year sentence for espionage. he gave hundreds of th
for a cup machine. i thought basically that the limit was technology. you guessed the reason story that said it's more regulation. >> people think of technology for innovation in terms of technology, all the gadgets and computers and everything, but a lot is going on in payments and how you pay for things. you go the starbucks, swipe card. swipe your cell phone. just like before, a lot of these things are created by start-ups. companies here in new york in every orioles. but what we have is this patchwork of market regulation on the state level and then another on the federal level. in a lot of cases this is stifling what these companies of trying to do. part of the problem is the fact that these are regulations from the age when western union was help people sent money around in a credit card was not moving. dennis: have the regulators tried to keep up? >> they have tried some of the we have also gone through this era. one of the problems is we have a lot of rules and regulations related to money laundering, terrorism. the u.s. a patriot act and also in california one of the big problems, t
. 60% larger. that means more books, more media, wonderful technology, wi-fi access. if you envision this space and if you look that way you have a wonderful adult area. as you walk in from the mason street side, you have an amazing teen center for all the young adults. absolutely. yelling back here, [ applause ] . that was our deputy city librarian, what can we say? a wonderful space for children. this north beach library serves over 30,000 diverse residents and it's way overdue to have a state-of-the-art library. clean it's really a true partnership with our city departments and i want to thank our dpw folks and their team. mindy, lena, fantastic work in managing this project. [ applause ] and another superb partner in phil ginsburg, rec and park, thank you. [ applause ] this is going to be an amazing space that ties together the joe dimaggio park and you will hear more about that. it's wonderful to know that it really creates an amazing civic space for north beach and it wouldn't happen wouldn't fantastic support from the community. julie christinsen, a shout out to you. [ appl
to caution that implementing transit signal priority technology can be both a good and bad thing. in chinatown over the last 36 years we found that we always try to reach a balance with the different uses. and if buses always get priority it would create gridlock again. thank you >> thank you. >> good afternoon i was given the privilege of speaking out of order so i'm not the person whose name appears after chin. i'm michael and i live on libl street. i'm an immigrant from the northeast coast. i had the privilege of living in the areas of europe market and the area between russian and knob hill i guess it's the extended chinatown and on the windy hilly part of the valley and had experience working with the same organization with muni and was involved with the planning staff. one quick comment it seems like we're getting questions today an individual proposals as well as some of the general proposals that maybe are couched in terms of the eir itself. in terms of the bus bulks i want to argue them with the previous speakers but i presume the eir authors take into account and look
, these new transistors are much smaller. technology has marched on. that's right, it's moore's law in action. so, in other words, all we have to do is make the transistors smaller every year forever and our gadgets will always be more powerful and more compact. that would be wonderful, but we can't make our pepperoni slices much smaller than this. and these transistors are now packed together about as close as we can get them. pogue: the pizza party can't go on forever. there's a limit to how small you can shrink the transistors. if you reduce the surface area of a transistor too much and place it too close to its neighbor, electricity starts to leak, causing a short circuit. not good. we've run out of area, so there's only one way to go, and that's upwards. slim jims? that's right. this is a vertical transistor. instead of having flatter, smaller transistors, we go in the other direction. excuse me, vertical transistors? vertical transistors. with little toothpicks on the bottom? that's just for demonstration purposes. pogue: by building vertical transistors, called nano wires, frances can
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. >> to the finalists? >> well, we did basingeded the questions on management, leadership and technology and educating the community and out reach and building and fostering relationships. >> and how about the from the ten to the 7? >> those are just the candidates that we felt interviewed the strongest had the most similar experience, to san francisco, had done adequate research, were familiar with your issues and challenges and how it relates to their current position and why they would be a good fit for you. >> okay. >> commissioner walker? >> i am sure that we will see this in more depth, but did we get a response from like all over the country? >> you did. >> good. >> and that is reflected in the 7 finalists as well? >> yes. >> okay. >> however, they all have western region experience as well. >> commissioners? >> well, i think that... >> are we finished? >> go ahead. >> well, i just i think that i was just going to say that it was really helpful to speak with you. i think that all of us were able to sort of discuss our history, our priorities, and i think that i am really heartened that we had s
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secretary in february. he will visit the at&t technology laboratory in palo alto and the commuter history museum in mountain view and will discuss the state of the united states economy and the administration's focus on growth and job creation at a commonwealth club lunch on. >> a professional triathlete faces physical any hit-and-run charges for hitting a man in a crosswalk in san francisco. police believe a woman was driving a jeep and struck a man back in march. documents obtained by abc7 news says the driver stopped and checked on the victim and drove off. the man who was hit suffered a severe brain injury. >> it has been difficult for me, not only me and my family but everyone around me sin the accident. i am not the same person. >> she has pleaded not guilty. we left messages for her and her attorney but they were not answered. >> mountain view police have made a significant drug bust. police say zeus, the dog, found two pounds of meth. this is zeus with the drugs. the dog discovered money, and a loaded handgun. >> mike nicco is here and checking the weather. mike? >> we will start
announcing he is heading a coalition of technology companies with the noble aim of giving internet access to the 5 billion people on this planet who have yet to go online. he said the web is in the simple part of life. everyone deserves to be connected with it and live in norway, nicaragua, or bolivia. philanthropy or a bid to create more facebook users. could be both. one not. up next republicans and democrats at odds over much more than policy. in the "chalk talk" we will show you differences, every day preferences on display differences between republicans and democrats, conservatives and liberals. it's for real. were coming right back. ♪ lou: i don't know about you, but i get tired of people saying we ought to watch the two parties work together. there is not any real difference between democrats and republicans, they ought to be able to move ahead. well, not so easy. especially after looking at in new studies out, talking about the differences between republicans and democrats, one group loves to tax and spend, the other, for lower taxes and fewer regulations, smaller government. b
am glad to say markets are up and running. >> reliable technology was the reason the secretary visited palo alto. he toured at and t think tank for innovation. different companies are working to sprol ducts and jobs. >> we saw the app economy right? think how large that is. now, imagine that going deeper into a economy through network service autos secretary lu liked what he saw. he's touting the president's plan to create jobs, and help indus cities spur innovation. he believes silicon valley is the place to start. >> still ahead incarceration transformation. big change bradley manning plans to make. >> visiting san francisco fisherman's wharf can be expensive. one lesson could save you money. >> and potentially explosive situation that has some residents upset with a bay area refinery. >> michael finney taking your consumer questions on twitter and facebook and will answer them here live. you can contact michael on and on twitter at m finney. >> and taking a look at traffic right now this is interstate 80. you can see for drivers making their way out of the maze
in a bui, you get picked up in a van. so it is like getting punished by technology, air conditioning and radio. >> yeah, they get in and it's like, this is awesome. more buis. >> time-out at disneyland. what happens to them after they are picked up in this luxurious van. >> they take them to a room and they are forced to read the bible over and over and over again. >> probably on their kindle. >> hi ricky. miami, a simple game of spin the bottle, turns into every man's fantasy. >> it is getting really crazy right now. girls are making out left and right. things are happening. sexual things. i mean, i'm loving every second of it. >> and i wanted to see what it was like. >> where did the bottle end up? the bottle was never seen or heard from again. >> that's disgusting. >> i've never seen anything like that. >> wow. >> based on that clip alone, i will not watch the rest of the season of "bad girl's club." >> this is not even on hbo after dark. >> nothing like black emmanuel. >> the cameraman, three tripods knocked over while watching that. >> i didn't see any baby wipes, alcohol swabs
club's groundbreaking technology is the only process available to date that gives you a full, healthy-looking head of hair by adding real human hair to your own hair. biomatrix is not a toupee. it's not a wig. it's a custom-made blend of your own hair with real human hair that is matched to your individual requirements. that includes hair color, facial structure, and skin tone. the process is natural and virtually undetectable. when you brush your hair, it all blends together. if someone touches your hair, it feels normal. it's easy to style. you can rough it up. you can go swimming, biking, jogging, or anywhere life takes you, and you will look great. >> i can swim, i bike, hike, i do everything, and the key point here is no one has noticed. everybody thinks i look better, but they can't quite put their finger on it. so when they told me that would happen, i didn't believe it. i thought everybody would notice right away, but they didn't. they just thought, "well, your hair's different. what'd you do?" and so i just, you know, in some cases... people that were close to me, i told them
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